Yesterday, we told you all about how Bernard Hopkins hates Donovan McNabb. If you didn't read the scathing words he had for D-Mac recently, they're worth reading immediately. McNabb chose not to respond to Hopkins' ignorant words about him—but his agent Fletcher Smith wasn't quite as forgiving. Last night, he released a statement criticizing Hopkins' assessment of McNabb—namely that he's somehow less of a man because he grew up in a middle-class household.

"It perpetuates a maliciously inaccurate stereotype that insinuates those African-Americans who have access to a wider variety of resources are somehow culturally different than their brethren," Smith said in a statement. "Donovan's parents are proud Americans who worked hard to give their sons the best childhood they could provide. He is unapologetically proud of sacrifices they made for him. Donovan and his brother were raised to be hard-working African-American men who were taught to believe in themselves."

Now, can you please put this weak character assassination attempt to bed, Hop? [via ESPN]

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