“The guy with the SUV was speeding all the way from LAX.”  He was “definitely speeding”, “tailgating another car”, and “breaking a couple of traffic laws”.  These were some of the numerous 911 calls made, all describing the same SUV.  It was being driven by none other than soccer star, David Beckham.

 His oldest son, Brooklyn, was also in the customized Escalade.  Neither were wearing their seat belts on the 405 Freeway, where “a gold Mitsubishi stalled in the fast lane due to mechanical problems” [stated by California Highway Patrol spokesperson].

In the midst of his madness, Beckham slammed into the stalled car.  The other driver was taken to the hospital for pains.  However, no one was arrested or cited for any violations. 

You have to wonder—is this standard police procedure or does this only apply to privileged ones who can kick a soccer ball and model in his underwear?

[via Mail Online]

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