Shawn may have had it in the video, but Bryan's going to have it in the garage. That's right, the Maybach Exelero concept—that sleek coupe from the Lost Ones video —is headed to Birdman's crib. Back in 2008, the ultra-high-end division of Daimler announced that the one-off car would be available for purchase. But with a sticker price of around $8 million, nobody was crazy enough to step up, until now.

Birdman, govt. name Bryan Williams, already owns a Bugatti Veyron and Maybach Landaulet, among a slew of other luxury whips. Soon, his collection will reportedly be that much tougher to trump. Hate if you will, but as the fourth richest rapper (behind Jay, Diddy, and Dre) y'all kinda gave him the ability to make to purchase. Now we wait and see if he actually drives it anywhere.

[via World Car Fans]


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