Back at the 2007 LA Auto Show, Audi took the wraps off their Q5 Cross Cabriolet concept: a drop-top CUV that was met with as much skepticism as any logical thinking person would expect it to receive. Four years later, not much has changed in terms of the vehicle's practicality, but the playing field has grown. Now, with a more robust lineup of vehicles, and a convertible Nissan Murano on  the market, word has it that Audi is considering a limited production run for the topless crossover. 

With pretty much every numeral now spoken for up to the flagship A8, the four-ringed brand has rightly earned itself some playtime, but is this the best game to dedicate time to? Either way, the inner rumblings suggest that at most, 50,000 units will be produced, of course with Quattro and a handful of engine variants. Only time will tell if it's all true, and who knows, it could actually wow us. Until then, we'll continue to grumble, Marge Simpson-style.

[via Autoblog

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