If you haven't heard, the awe-inspiring, Space Shuttle fleet is about to become grounded space-junk antiques of exploration. So what's the next chapter for the outer limits? Well, considering NASA hardly has any money, the future lies in the private sector, aka in the hands of people like crazy billionaire Richard Branson. 

Branson, who is also funding a deep-sea exploration campaign, has for some time been pouring dollar after dollar into the final frontier. Now, making things all the more serious, he's looking for help. Virgin Galactic, the space arm of his empire is looking for "pilot-astronauts" to begin working for him this June. While test-flights have already begun, Branson needs a rock-solid, experienced crew if he intends to meet his goal of transporting "customer astronauts" in just two years.

Think you got what it takes? The main job requirement is a minimum of 3,000 flight hours in various aircrafts. Oh, and "Prior spaceflight experience is an advantage." If that's not you, don't get too discouraged. Riding along as one of them "customer astronauts" will only cost you $200 grand. 

[via: Jalopnik