Big-rim riders in the Buckeye state, beware! Cincinnati's boys in blue have it out for you in a major way. Citing an existing municipal code forbidding the operation of any motor vehicle deemed unsafe, the city's police are targeting plus-sized wheels in the name of public health. Highlighted in a recent local news broadcast, victim drivers are telling their accounts of having their "risky" rides towed, impounded, and inspected by the city.

The blitz, which apparently came on without warning, is leaving car owners not so high, but very dry in the wallet. If a seized car does not pass official inspection, the owner must pay a tow-truck or flatbed to remove it from the impound lot, along with any associated fines. 

Considering Cincinnati is a town whose strained relations between the police and black community are still on the mend after 2001 riots, the unannounced and unfounded crackdown on an urban trend doesn't exactly seem like the best move. How ironic that it's all being done in the name of safety. 

[via Jalopnik]