Date: 2002

If there's one thing the Mets are really, really good at, it's squandering goodwill. So in the summer of 2002, less than two years removed from a World Series appearance, and less than a year after Mike Piazza's walk-off in the first game played in New York after 9/11, the Mets became famous for...smoking pot? In July, Mark Corey suffered a seizure (what is this, an after-school special?) after smoking weed with teammate Tony Tarasco, and in September, reliever Grant Roberts was forced to 'fess up to a previous dalliance with Mary Jane after a picture of him puffing on a bong hit the papers. Other teams have players that get busted for using performance-enhancing drugs; the Mets get dudes who get seizures from coughing too much.

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