A few days ago, Lexus teased the internet community with a pair of obscure images from its LF-Gh sedan concept—a car that, up until today, was slated for reveal at the upcoming New York Auto Show. While the early snapshots seemed to be packed with potential, the completely unveiled version is a bit hard to figure out. Apparently that's the point?

Lexus describes the LF-Gh as a contradiction of terms. Kengo Matsumoto, GM of Lexus' design division elaborates on the strange run of words. "For this concept, Lexus designers studied characteristics that are often considered contradictory and difficult to execute together. The captivating design of the LF-Gh concept examines the possibility of balancing what are normally opposing qualities, such as style and functionality."

The car's interior still remains to be seen, but elements like the "aggressive and bold spindle-shaped front grille" are already expected to make their way to various production models in the line. Stay tuned for close-ups, inside and out, when the New York show rolls around, but until then, look and wonder.