Know who's glad the NBA's regular season is over? Kobe Bryant. Between the Lakers slump at the end of the year and the $100,000 fine he received for using a gay slur towards a referee during L.A.'s second-to-last game of the season, he didn't really close things out the way he probably would have liked to. However, he did end things on a high note personally the other night when he met Rudy Ruettiger—the inspiration behind the classic flick, Rudy—before the Lakers game against the Kings. The two reportedly discussed his love for the movie, his accountability as a role model, and overcoming adversity after Bryant's recent incident.

"It's been a tough day," KB told ESPN shortly after the meeting. "For me, it's about the bigger message. I made a mistake in terms of what I said but it's also the responsibility it carries with it. I don't want kids to think that it's okay or cool to call kids that...I don't stand for that. I never have...I certainly won't be a part of enhancing that and the feeling that it's okay. I just won't." So just as long as he doesn't get T'd up in the playoffs, it sounds like all is well again in Kobe Bryant's world. [via ESPN]