Cam Newton has his fair share of critics right now. And most of 'em think it'd be a huge risk for the Panthers to take him No. 1 in the 2011 NFL Draft later this week. But Joe Theismann took things to another level recently when he suggested that not only should the Panthers pass on Newton at No. 1 but so should every other team (yes, even the Cardinals!) that has a first-round draft pick this year. "You're talking about a kid that started one year of football," Thiesmann said. "He's rushed the ball a lot more than he's thrown it. He hasn't thrown the football a lot...I like all these [quarterbacks] as kids, but I'm talking about purely as football players, I think wherever you go, you're stretching." Damn, though. Not even a first-round pick, homie!? [via SB Nation]