Date: 10/24/2008

Complex Says: Zeke took one too many sleeping pills. We're not going to make light of the situation because someone almost died but the events that followed made Isiah look like a payaso...and a bad parent. Police responded to a call in Westchester County, NY about an "accidental overdose." According to reports, a 47-year-old black man was found on the floor and taken to the hospital. All the media scrutiny Zeke was getting due to the Knicks lawsuit and the subsequent end of his abysmal tenure with the team may have been the reason he claimed it was his 17-year-old daughter who was rushed to the hospital, not him. "I understand that this person claims it was his daughter," Harrison Police Chief David Hall later told the media. "He is lying. It was definitely not his daughter, it was a male. We know the difference between a 47-year-old black male and a young black female.” Let's just leave it at that.