Failed drug tests! Codeine abuse! Assault charges! Abortions! Issues with alcohol! Most of the guys who will get drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft tonight have one or two questions about their character that teams have had to address in the week's leading up to the draft. But super-talented cornerback Jimmy Smith from the University of Colorado has so many of them at this point in his career that he makes Pacman Jones look like Pope John Paul II.

His rep is actually so bad that while he has first-round talent—even top 10 talent possibly!—at least 11 NFL team executive have said that they wouldn't take a chance on him in the second round. So no matter where he goes tonight in the draft, we've got a feeling he's already the leading candidate to end up on 'Plex's NFL Draft "Do Over" list in five years. Look out. [via ProFootballTalk]

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