Last year, the Denver Broncos raised a lot of eyebrows when they traded up to the first round to pick Tim Tebow. This year, there's no such controversy as they picked Von Miller of Texas A&M with the second overall pick. Miller won the Butkus Award as the nation's top linebacker last season, and was a consensus All-American as well. Fortunately for Broncos fans, Miller should be patroling Mile High Stadium for years to come, giving the Denver faithful a reminder of the good ol' Bill Romanowski days (minus the expectoration). Also fortunately for Broncos fans, Josh McDaniels is already out as head coach, so they won't have to worry about Miller saving his job.

Before his big day at Radio City, we got with Von at his Alan David Custom suit fitting with Conversion Sports to see how Complex he really is. 


What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Von Miller: I be listening to that Tyga, Black Thoughts 2 mixtape.

What are your favorite sneakers to wear?
Von Miller: Man, I just signed with adidas, so I like them shell-toes, dawg. [Laughs.] But I like ‘em all. I like everything.

What’s the most money you ever spent on an item of clothing?
Von Miller: $2,430 on snapbacks and sneakers, like three weeks ago at Flight Club. I had to get them snapbacks, they don’t have ‘em like that in Texas, dawg.

What celebrity is in your Wifey Hall of Fame?
Von Miller: Oh man, I like Rihanna, dawg. She got it, man. All you have to do is put me in the spot, man, I got it. [Laughs.] I’ll go from there.

What is your opinion on Lil B?
Von Miller: Lil B, the Based God? [Laughs.] I got some of his music. That’s my celebration dance. I cook on ‘em. I like a lot of people, though. I have like 30,000 songs in my iTunes right now. I could prove it if you want too.

Favorite alcoholic drink?
Von Miller: Gatorade, baby. Just Gatorade. [Laughs.]

Current video game obsession?
Von Miller: FIFA 11. You can’t hold me, dawg. Me and Dragba, man. We can go all the way, whatever it takes to win.

Dream ride?
Von Miller: I want to get something done that nobody’s got. I want to make like some monster truck-type shit. I want something that you can’t tow. I want to be able to park that mug in front of the club, park that mug right in front and you can’t do nothing about it but write me a ticket. 

Coveted tech product?
Von Miller: I take my Macbook Pro everywhere. I got to have that on me. I like anything Apple, iPhone, iPad, all that. 

Favorite campus, other than your own?
Von Miller: I like the University of Missouri. They got it going on over there, man. Everyone loves the players over there and support the athletic programs. They show a lot of love over there.

How about the ladies?
Von Miller: You know why I liked it in the first place, dawg. [Laughs.]

Who is the most famous person in your cellphone?
Von Miller: Clay Mathews, Pat Peterson. 

What does it feel like to know you’ll be a millionaire soon?
Von Miller: I mean, I’ve been fortunate to live a comfortable life. My parents do pretty well. The money isn’t why I do it. I just like playing football.