With the automotive world still reeling at the release of the AWD Ferrari FF, the Italian supercar builder has moved on to even crazier things. Since rival Lamborghini has come to the table first with its all-new 700hp Aventador, Ferrari has had time to think, plan, and confidently claim their next-gen 599 GTB will come equipped with "at least" 700 ponies.

Though little news is available beyond a bold claim, insiders speculate that power will come in the form of an evolved V12, currently pumping out 612hp in the current GTB and 661 in the GTO. Coupled with a lightweight aluminum chassis, the forthcoming GTB will most likely stick to traditional exotic standards, and throw all its power down via the rear wheels alone. 

Until speculation of the styling starts to seep through the cracks in the web, enjoy these photos of the current model, with styling that's still as on point as the day it was released.

[via Autocar