Chris Brown was recently spotted at his gym (got to keep in shape for them dressing rooms!) in an interestingly styled Lamborghini Gallardo. Though he gets credit for doing something different than the typical matte black or white, its WWII fighter plane theme crashes short of the runway. 

Few probably think Kittyhawk when staring at the profile of the baby Lamborghini, but it's a cool concept. Unfortunately, it doesn't go far enough. Come on, son. Where's the matte olive accents, or the tiger face? And what happened with the hood? Better yet, what didn't happen with it? Sorry to put the smackdown on you, but you need to drive back to whoever is doing your work and make it rain a little harder. There's an Air Max 90 that does this better.

P.S.—Dude, what are you wearing?

[via RIDES Magazine

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