Millionaires are environmentally responsible, too. At least that's the mindset over at the house of Bugatti. The Volkswagen-owned mega-brand has been hard at work putting their sedan concept, the Galibier, into production, and is now reported to also be developing a hybrid power option.

British Magazine Car has gone on the record stating that the brand's 1,001hp W16 is getting a green twist to help Mother Nature breathe a bit easier. Other than that, not many details exist on the project, other than the car's design should be finalized this fall. One other production detail does raise an eyebrow at Bugatti's expectations for the super-sedan. Whereas only 300 Veyrons were produced, 3,000 Galibiers are slated to roll out of the factory, each still priced at well over a million dollars. 

Source: Car 

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