With its Spizike as possibly the ultimate example, Jordan's enjoyed great success in fusing elements of their sneakers to form all new offerings. So why can't the same thing work for cars? Actually, vehicular mash-ups are really nothing new, but they rarely get many wows. Until now.

Sigfried Rudolph, the owner of Austrian restoration firm CarMaxx, noticed something when parking his restored Volkswagen Beetle next to his wife's Porsche Boxter—the two had an amazingly similar wheelbase, so he did what any man would do. He grabbed a tape measure, Sawzall, and a welder. Countless hours of work later, he had what he's dubbed a "Bugster": a 270 horsepower, mid-engined 1973 VW Beetle

At first glance, Rudolph's ride looks like little more than a really nice Bug. But get up close, and the craziness quickly comes through. Beyond the monstrous fenders, the car's Porsche DNA is visible through the side vents, wheels, breaks, and, of course, dashboard. For an even lower, crushing blow, the Bugster also rides on a fully adjustable suspension. Now this is a fusion we'd be more than happy to stand in line for!

[Bugster via Autoblog]

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