We've heard all the stories about certain cities around the country trying to ban baggy jeans and arrest dudes for rocking their pants too low. But we'd never heard about an athlete catching heat for it. Until now. Dallas Cowboys wide receive Dez Bryant was recently given a criminal trespass warning after cursing at an off-duty police officer who asked him to pull up his pants up at a D-Town mall. And it sounds like Bryant stopped juuust short of pulling the race card himself during the alleged encounter. "What the [expletive] are you stopping me [for], like I stole something?" Bryant reportedly yelled at the officer. "I'm not leaving until my attorney and my representative get here." As a result of the warning, Bryant must stay away from the mall for 90 days. So, we've gotta ask: Should we pull the race card out on this situation and call the cop out for mistreating Bryant—or was DB in the wrong here? Let us know in the poll below. [via Pro Football Talk]