Shortly after we found out Brandon Davies had gotten himself booted from the BYU men's basketball team yesterday for what the school labeled an "Honor Code violation," we heard every conspiracy theory in the book. "He was drunk!" "He was high!" "He robbed someone!" (Which, for the record, could have made for a Race Card post in and of itself). And then we heard the real reason: Homie got caught smashing his girlfriend and admitted it to BYU administrators—thus breaking the school's long-standing Honor Code and earning himself an indefinite suspension from the b-ball squad. Rules is rules (we guess!). But we have to ask: Would the same thing have happened if, say, BYU's melanin-deficient star Jimmer Fredette had gotten busted with a bustdown? We don't think so. And if you found out that Davies' GF was a dub-G and that that had somehow factored into the school's final decision, would you be upset? Both are up for debate. We'll let you decide if we should pull The Race Card on the situation in the poll below. [via Fox News]