You feel that? If you're in NYC, you probably can't feel it yet, but Spring is finally here. Which means warm weather is (hopefully) around the corner. And with warm weather comes gorgeous days, and with gorgeous days comes the call of the open road. While many people's first inclination is to imagine themselves in a droptop, cruising around coastal roads, this year, we here at Complex are thinking a little differently. We're thinking of ourselves on something with two wheels, handlebars, and a screaming motor wedged in the middle. Yes, we're thinking of motorcycles.

Why motorcycles? To paraphrase our good friend Wes Siler of Hell For Leather magazine, motorcycles are faster than cars, they're more fun to ride, and the man/machine connection is more pure. They also pack in a very rich history. You probably didn't know BMW and Honda made two-wheelers before venturing into the automobile business. Now you know. It's with that in mind, and our itching want to cop our own bike, that we teamed up with motorcycle writer and Hell For Leather contributor, Nick Goddard, to help us compile our list of the 50 Greatest Motorcycles of All Time. Ride out.

Words by Nick Goddard