Just when you thought you were done being wowed by bicycles, today's technology seems to take one of the oldest forms of personal transport to yet another level. The latest example of that phenomenon can be attributed to the "Venge", a lightweight race bike designed by McLaren's Formula One racing team, with Specialized bike components.

How light is lightweight? The Venge's carbon fiber frame weighs a scant 2.09 lbs, a figure that's some 10-15% lighter than some of the most high tech existing bike frames. But don't expect to see it in stores anytime soon; the only example was recently peddled in the Milan-San Remo road race last weekend by Toue de France winner Mark Cavendish

If we're lucky, perhaps some of the Verge's engineering will trickle down to more attainable offerings and parts. Until then, you bike-heads will have to keep finding your own ways to be exclusive.

[via Luxist]