Kevin Garnett doesn't forgive or forget. Earlier this year, Suns coach Alvin Gentry called KG a dirty player after the Celtics forward delivered a ball shot to Channing Frye during a game and apparently upset Garnett by doing so (in fairness, what did KG think he'd say about him after he did that?!). So, in true KG fashion (see: Assssssss-HOLE! Asssssss-HOLE!), he returned the favor last night by talking so much shit to Gentry at the end of the Celtics/Suns game that he got T'd up by the refs. So, what was so damn important that couldn't wait until after the game? "Oh, Alvin Gentry was asking me for tickets for the first round of the playoffs," KG revealed afterwards, "and I told him I'd hook him up." Say it with us: Coooooold bloooooooded! [via SB Nation]