Even if the $845k price-tag of Porsche's forthcoming 918 Spyder is a drop in the ducket bucket for you, you're still going to have to wait a while for delivery. Impatient much? Relax, the good people at Porsche got you covered.

Meet the 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder, a limited strike release of the current 911 Turbo S with special decals, coloring, and unique trim. So what's the big deal? Well, as the name might imply, this rendition is only available to Porsche customers ordering the 918 Spyder. But don't go thinking it's a thrown in bonus. The Edition 918, available in coupe or convertible, will still run you an additional $160k+.

To put it all in perspective, think of it in terms of footwear. This is like Nike dropping an ill rendition on Jordan IIIs, then making them only available to heads who have prepaid for a pair of Yeezy IIs. Elitist? Maybe. Incredibly baller? Without a doubt. 

[via Porsche]