Let the backlash begin! A few days after Jalen Rose went on the record to say that he used to think black players who attended Duke were Uncle Toms, Chris Duhon took to his Twitter account to ask why everyone hates on Duke. And he even invoked Barack Obama's name to try and get his point across. Yikes. [Terez Owens]

Kobe Bryant was pissed after the Lakers took an L to the Heat last night. So pissed that he stayed for an hour after the game and worked on his J. Think the NBA Playoffs are gonna be intense this year, or what? [ESPN]

Brandon Meriweather was either involved in a shooting last month and in a shitload of trouble—or the victim of sensational reporting. Take your pick. [Bleacher Report]

The referees at the Big East Conference made Jim Joyce look like the official of the year. [Boxden]

And as if Blake Griffin's not in the news enough already for his play on the court, now he's got an alter ego "Mars BlakeMan" who wants some shine, too. Keep on keepin' on, B. [Real Talk NY]