What do you do when you buy a lemon in China? If you're the owner of this Lamborghini Gallardo, you make lemonade—violent, violent lemonade.

According to news bulletins, the car in question was purchased by a wealthy resident of Qingdao, China and never managed to make him happy. Things apparently turned sour when the Gallardo wouldn't start and needed to be towed to a dealer. On its way, the car was damaged, and no one would claim responsibility. Oh yeah, and the starting issue? It still wasn't fixed.

The owner, rightly pissed, escalated his service issue to Lamborghini ultimately to CEO Stephan Winkelmann. Still, no solution was offered. So the frustrated individual decided to drive a big point home, incidentally on World Consumer Rights Day. The message being sent here was that Chinese people are capable of purchasing luxury goods and are entitled to the same customer service as those in other countries.

Considering that the Chinese mark-up on a $230,000+ Gallardo can bring the car's sticker to between $529,000 and $757,000 USD, it's a really expensive point to make. Let's hope he at least feels good afterwards.

[via MSNBC]