It doesn't pay to fuck around with an NFL legend. No, really: It doesn't pay! Just ask Jenn Sterger. Late last year, she had all of her dirty laundry aired out after she revealed that Brett Favre allegedly tried to pursue a sexual relationship with her through a series of phone calls, emails, and text messages. Sucks for her personal life, but you'd figure she hit the jackpot as a result of it, right? Um, wrong. To date, she's managed to make exactly—*does some quick math, carries a bunch of fake numbers*—well, she hasn't made a dime. No book. No reality TV show. No hush money from Favre (that we know of!). And now comes the news that Sterger is suing her former manager for trying to capitalize off the whole thing by using the evidence Sterger had against Favre to write a book about the ordeal. Yeah, this shit definitely wasn't worth it, girl. But you definitely won't catch us complaining about getting the opp to throw up the photo above. [via Terez Owens]