Jeep CEO Michael Manley owns one coveted four-wheeler. The executive recently tapped Montana-based American Expedition Vehicles, a Jeep aftermarket tuner, to wedge a Chrysler 392 Hemi under the hood of his Wrangler. For those not already drooling, that's the same V8 that powers the 470 horsepower Challenger SRT8.

But wait, it gets even better. Sources with close ties to Chrysler say Manley's Wrangler wasn't just built to be a big-boy toy. It was constructed for "executive evaluation", which is business jargon for "We might actually consider selling these." Boasting the full 470 horses, Manley's Wrangler is reportedly able to slide out its rear end in third gear like it's no thing. After a mental image like that, we say quit the mumbo jumbo and make it happen, Jeep!

[MSN Autos via Autoblog]

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