Ayo: In case you haven't realized this yet, Isiah Thomas thinks he's a pretty big fuckin' deal. In a recent interview with FOX Sports, the former NBA great said as much by calling out Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan—and saying that he would have been able to school any of them if they were the same size as he was back during their playing days. "I have no problem saying this at all," he said. "They're all 6'9" and Jordan was 6'6" and a half. If they were all 6'1", it wouldn't even be a question. They wouldn't even fucking rate. If they were all my size, shit, they wouldn't even be talked about."

Oh, that's not enough ether for you? Okay, let Isiah finish. "I beat the shit out of them when they were that big," he said. "If we were all the same size, fuck. Make them 6'1" and let's go on the court." Hmmm....and your man wonders why people hate him today? SMFH. [via FOX Sports]


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