Last week, we pointed out that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. won a hefty sum of money—and by "hefty sum," we mean more than $35,000!—by taking a second-half line on a Hawks/Bulls game and then bigging up Derrick Rose on Twitter for helping the Bulls cover. This week, he called into ESPN Radio to discuss the Bulls bet ("At first, I was going to bet $100,000 on the first half"), the most he's ever laid down on a single game ("$500,000 and it brought back $560,000"), and how often he actually gambles. "Every day," he said. "You have to find one that you truly believe in and truly feel you've got the ups and that's the one that you load up on." That's good advice, kids! Now, does anyone have a number for GA that we could slide Floyd's way? [via SB Nation]