Darrelle Revis is more than just a talented cornerback. If you ask our friends at Land Rover, the New York Jet is also an influential force on the Big Apple’s culture and style; a “City Shaper” if you will. To help build awareness for their all-new Range Rover Evoque, the brand has tapped numerous East and West Coast personalities to serve as ambassadors for the stylish truck, giving them the coveted task of rocking out in vehicles that aren’t quite available yet to the general public.

In a Complex exclusive, we were recently on hand as Revis sat down with Land Rover execs to spec out his all new, exclusive Range. Though the self-professed "truck guy" prefers low-key color schemes, it quickly became apparent that this cornerback’s wasn't afraid to stand out. “I picked red, because I really wanted people to notice the car coming through the city,” says Revis. “At first I thought white, but the red just makes it pop. People are going to see it coming and just be drawn to it and want to see more. [Laughs] I may need to tint it out though."

While chillin’ behind the darkened windows, Revis will be relaxing in a unique, two-tone ivory and black interior, another choice he attributes to making a statement. “It’s just a good looking vehicle inside and out. Black was the safe choice, but this way you see the design more.” Revis also opted for the five-door version over the coupe, and an exterior styling package that will deliver numerous blacked-out body accents, including the roof. “I can’t wait to see it in person,” he exclaims. “It’s just such a head-turning truck, with that mean front end, those LED headlights. It’s going to get a lot of attention, maybe too much!”

Revis is scheduled to get the keys of his Range Rover Evoque this September, but check back often as we’ll be on hand to chronicle the rest of the process including waiting, delivery and of course, the flossin’. 

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