Jalen Rose spoke. And then Chris Duhon responded. And then Grant Hill wrote a column for the New York Times. And now, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski (try typing that five times fast!) has spoken out about Rose's recent admission that he once believed Duke only recruited black players who were Uncle Toms. "Obviously, that was a poor choice of words and very insulting to everyone here at Duke," Coach K said yesterday. "When you judge within a race, you start judging, like you put categories as to who you are. I think that's just the wrong thing to do."

And lest he leave it alone there, he poured a little salt in the wound, too. "[The Fab Five] had a heck of a run, but they didn't leave anything there," he said. "The guys I had established something that Jay Williams continued to do ten years later—the standards of what it meant to be a Duke basketball players." Shots...fired? Before you say anything, Jalen: Please, just let it go! [via ESPN]


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