Since the Heat beat the Lakers last night and Chris Bosh wasn't crying at his post-game press conference for once, he had to find some other way to embarrass himself. Hmmmm....Ah ha! How about by talking about the excessive number of extremely pause-worthy man hugs that take place on the Heat sidelines? That'll work! "It was just a relief, really," he said. "This was a very big game. We had everything riding on this game, to be honest with you. Everybody wanted to win very badly. Just to come out on top, it's the best thing to do sometimes, get a little man hug and keep going." Ummmm, yeah. And we reacted much like Charles Barkley and Kenny "The Jet" Smith did on TNT's post-game show. Which is to say, we didn't know what to say to that. WTF, dude? [via SportsGrid]

Bosh jokingly: "I hope nobody reads too much into the hugs (after the game), we like each other...a little man-hugging & keep going."less than a minute ago via web