Not too long ago, we brought you the story of an angry Chinese Lamborghini owner who publicly "executed" his Gallardo. Well apparently his tale of strife inspired the owner of another lemon. That, or proving your point in China is treated as an extreme sport.

This time, a frustrated Range Rover owner from Shenyang became so fed up with his problem-riddled SUV, that he towed it back to the dealer, demanding a full refund. Oh yeah, and he went old school with it opting for a pair of donkeys over a flatbed. 

After the typical Chinese markup, the Range cost the man about $304,000 USD back in 2010. Since then it's reported to have broken down six times, received an engine transplant, then broken down again; enough for a refund if you ask us. But donkeys? Even they weren't enough to make the stubborn dealer budge. Dude, next time try mules.

[via TheTycho]