Ever peep the LCD screen in your car and think, "Damn, it's sunny as hell and I can still see this thing crystal clear!" Alright, if it's a cheap Nav you copped at Target, maybe those aren't your exact words, but if you've driven a Ford lately, you might be echoing a similar sentiment. Curious as to how the Detroit powerhouse ensures maximum visibility for you? Well the word is out.

Check out this video shot in part of Ford's Visual Performance Evaluation Lab, a space with over 6,000 watts (take that, Michael!) of artificial mobile-track lighting, meant to mimic the sun's rays as closely as possible. Using the data gathered in the room, the automaker is able to design the placement and angles of gauges and screens, optimizing their imaging for you, the driver.

Think they play Nelly's "Hot In Herre" during testing? 

[via Gizmodo