For a second there, we were starting to think that everyone loved Jimmer Fredette. Prisoners. Mormon chicks. Kevin Durant. Shiiiiiiieeeet! But lest Jimmer get too comfortable with all the love, here's a news flash he's not gonna like: NBA scouts aren't thrilled with his game. In a recent story—posted on no less!—Fredette gets called out for being unathletic, slow, a shitty defensive player, a one-dimensional player, and...well, you get the point. "You just have to know what you're getting," says one scout. "I think he's almost invincible defensively," says a fellow scout. "I'd rather build my franchise around Adam Morrison than draft Jimmer," adds another. Okay, okay—we made that last one up. But, damn. Can the kid please enjoy his last year of college before NBA folks start taking shots? [via NBA]