We'll admit: Watching Allen Iverson close out his career hooping in Turkey is, in a word, painful. So you gotta feel for AI's former coach Larry Brown, who says he tried everything he could prior to getting fired by the Bobcats earlier this year to get The Answer back into the league. "Before I got fired I went to the NBA coaches' meeting," Brown told Philly radio station Hot 97.5 recently. "A lot of the NBA people, the executives that were there, talked to me about trying to figure out a way to get Allen to finish his career in our league. He wanted to come with me, but Michael [Jordan] didn't think it was the right thing to do...I'm just hopeful somebody will just figure out a way to give him an opportunity to be a role player on a really quality team, because I still think he can contribute." Damn, Mike. Still salty about that crossover, huh? [via Sports Radio Interviews]

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