Nissan's GT-R is a ballsy car, so it's only right it have its fair share of bold, edgy marketing campaigns, right? Well, yeah, but in its quest to stick it to Porsche, Nissan's latest overseas "promotion", if you'd like to call it that, may be just a bit out of line. 

Throughout Porsche's native Germany, a pair of blondes—clad in race suits and heels—are canvasing the streets in a GT-R, searching for their parked rival. When the dastardly duo finds a Carrera or the likes, they plaster its windshield with a decal that shows the taillights of a GT-R. The Porsche's owner then returns, sits in the driver seat and sees that he's lost—twice. In theory, it's quite hilarious, until you picture it being your car. 

Needless to say, German GT-R owners best be ready to mess with the launch control the next time they see the Stuttgart crest pulling up beside them. Keep it classy everyone!

Source: Youtube