Video games don't kill people, but they might make them bad drivers. While numerous studies have found the high-tech pastimes to be beneficial to reaction time and coordination, the latest compiled by Continental Tires raises a black flag. According to their findings, gamers tend to take more chances in the driver's seat. On average, 22% of gaming drivers admit to having been stopped by the police, opposed to just 13% of those that don't play. A whopping 31% of gamers have also run a red light in the past year, while only 14% of non-gamers claim to have committed the infraction. 

The crowning feather to the study is without a doubt, the astounding 45% of gamers that claim to suffer from road rage, compared to a mere 22% of the non-playing public. This could actually explain why they don't make cars with missiles or rocket launches. Chill, people—they're just games; really realistic games.

Source: Jalopnik