For the open road, dual/hybrid power is becoming the environmentally sound way of putting power to the pavement. But on the high seas, it's sometimes necessary just to get things moving. With twin diesel MTUs and a pair of Rolls-Royce water-jet props (good for 7,400 hp combined), plus an additional 5,100 hp from a $3.5 million Vericor TF50 gas turbine, nobody is going to accuse the new 115' Pershing flagship of being a tree-hugger. And if all that power's not enough to blow you out of the water, a walk through the cabin may have you seasick with envy. The ship accommodates nine passengers, and a crew of five - all in complete and utter luxury. Of course it has the standard issue bar and flat screen TV, but check out the "floating" bed—if that doesn't get you some, you're hopeless, dude.