When news of Italian designer Mauro Lecchi's "Lamborghini Yacht" broke a few days back, we weren't all that quick to jump on the news. Why? As cool as its streamlined hull looked, it was just a bunch of sketches and renderings that few thought would hold water. But now comes word that the boat, inspired by Lamborghini cars old and new, is currently being built as a 50-foot yacht. Power options are reported to range from (appropriately sourced) 550hp V12 Motori Marini Lamborghini engines, up to twin 950hp Seatek turbodiesels. The prototype, being built with more carbon fiber than a import car club, will also be adorned with a Fenice Milano interior—whose work on past cars like the Fiat 500 and Rolls-Royce Ghost is famous for its polarizing style. 

Stay tuned. Now that we know it's a bit more serious, we'll keep close watch as to whether the project stays afloat.

Source: Fenice Milano