Apparently, Iron Mike is going to play the role of an alien trapped inside Mike Tyson's body in the third installment of Will Smith's sci-fi thriller. Ironic much? [Ted Williams Head]

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon want to play the roles of former wife-swapping Yankees pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson in the flick, "The Trade." Hold up: Aren't these guys supposed to be Red Sox fans!? [Big League Stew]

Is this kid the next LeBron James? He's already got the right nickname. [Prep Rally]

We aren't even a month removed from Super Bowl XLV and Rex Ryan is already guaranteeing a Super Bowl for the Jets next season. You couldn't at least wait until March, Rex? [New York Daily News]

And Erin Andrews is helping cover the Oscars on Sunday. Uh, yeah. Count us in! [Terez Owens]