Okay, okay, so MJ's too old to play in a real NBA game (Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas's words, Mike—not ours!). But he played a few full-court games with the Bobcats this week during practice and, according to Gerald Wallace, he still knows how to bust a dude's ass (pause) on the court. [Ball Don't Lie]

Cam Newton said he wants Brett Favre to be his mentor. Lesson one: The art of sexting! [SB Nation]

FC Barcelona's Xavi kicked around his thoughts on Spain's performance at the 2010 World Cup and his pass-first attitude before trying to make peace with Arsenal fans. [Guardian]

Carson Palmer put his Cincinnati home up for sale and said he'd rather retire than play another season for the Bengals. Can you really blame him? [USA Today]

And Kobe Bryant said he'll play overseas if the NBA doesn't reach a new CBA next summer. Riiiiiight. [New York Daily News]