It's still TBD. But the girl's lawyer is promising a statement about his client's relationship with Mark Sanchez by Tuesday. Damn, homie. [Deadspin]

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their record-setting 24th straight game on Saturday and are officially the worst team in the NBA—and maybe the worst team ever—right now. One more time: Fuck you, LeBron! [Bleacher Report]

Gilbert Arenas got served with child support and custody papers—in the middle of a game. Baby mama drama, indeed. [Terez Owens]

Phil Simms tried to throw down with Desmond Howard after the former Heisman winner took some shots at the CBS announcer's son. Relax, old man. [Shot of Ginn]

Steven Seagal claimed he taught Anderson Silva how to kick the shit out of people. Word? [SB Nation]