KTM's open-air X-Bow first wowed gear-heads a while ago, and while it was promised to be North American bound, nobody really held their breath. But in case you were, it's time to exhale. The Audi-powered carbon chassis kart on 'roids is finally bound for our shores, with one little catch.

Powered by a 240hp direct-inject 4-cylinder, the X-Bow will rocket a driver and passenger to 60 mph in less than four seconds. And just in case all that raw power is too much to stomach, its Brembo brakes allow for a 60-0 of 99 feet. Hold onto your lunch.

So what's the catch? To be sold here, the X-Bow needs to be imported as a kit car, which means you'll be on your own to source its Audi powerplant. But if that's not too much for you to handle, hit up British Racing Group for a purchase proposal/estimate. Then get ready to snap necks—including your own.

Source: British Racing Group