Andray Blatche is having a pretty bad week. First, his last name was misspelled on the back of his jersey during a game against the 76ers. Then, he had the unfortunate privilege of being one of the few Wizards that didn't get moved at the trade deadline. And most recently, someone allegedly hacked into his Twitter account to talk shit to a whole bunch of his followers, going as far as challenging one to a fist-fight after a game in Dallas this weekend (Sidebar: Why does 'Dray only have 3000 followers?!? Can't one of his fellow NBA players give the guy a RT?). But, whatever. He's still got a three-year, $28 million contract, so we can't feel too sorry for the guy. Or, should we after seeing his reasoning for why someone would hack into his account? Hmmm..... [via Washington Post]

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