Well, that certainly took long enough, didn't it? After weeks—make that months—of speculation, the Knicks finally ponied up the right mixture of players, draft picks, and money to land Carmelo Anthony tonight (shout out to Undrcrwn for having the sick 'Melo/Knicks T—pictured here and available here—on sale before the ink on the deal dried!). And all we can say is...FINALLY! But just in case Knicks fans needed a reminder as to why they're the luckiest fans in pro sports right now, we gathered five YouTube clips to help illustrate exactly what 'Melo—who will reportedly wear lucky #13 for the team when he joins them this week—brings to the Big Apple. Peep game, and then get ready to rock the Garden, sons! [via ESPN]

1. The guy is a freakishly good athlete. So dunks like this are sure to send Spike Lee and the rest of the Knicks nation into a frenzy.

2. 'Melo is a proven winner. Remember his days at Syracuse? Yeah, 'nuff said. We already know dude knows how to take a team to a title.

3. 'Melo is a clutch player who shines when the spotlight is on him. Just ask Derrick Rose and the Bulls—who took an L when 'Melo shot them down earlier this season with a buzzer-beater. Onions!

4. 'Melo obviously isn't afraid to body LeBron James on the court. So he certainly won't be afraid to take it to the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

5. Excuse the cheesy "Stat & 'Melo" theme song—but what's not to be excited about when you've got two of the best players in the L playing on the same team now?!? Ayo: Watch out, NBA. The Knicks are officially back!