Dear NFL: You are officially fucked! After everything you've done to eliminate steroids, human-growth hormones and performance-enhancing drugs from the gridiron, it looks like your biggest test to date might come in the form of...deer antlers?!? That's right. Allegedly, Ray Lewis is already using a new product called "The Ultimate Spray"—a spray that contains a velvety substance that grows naturally on the antlers of deer in New Zealand (WTF?) and helps athletes heal more quickly. Roy Williams is an advocate of the stuff, too. And while it contains at least one banned substance called IGF-1, the biggest problem the league is going to have here is that the IGF-1 found in the spray is nearly untraceable because it's not a synthetic drug like so many of the other banned substances out there. So, um, yeah. NFL, you're basically Bambi's mom on this one. Welcome back into the crosshairs! [via ThePostGame]

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