By Carter Jung

From Pokemon to PlayStation to Pochacco to pixilated pr0n, the Japanese have turned out some wild and crazy shit. And as the sole nation to receive the blunt end of the atomic stick, it’s amazing how they’ve managed to rise from the radioactive ashes and become the purveyors of all things cool. Nowhere else is that more apparent than in the field of animated films featuring tentacle-y appendages. Gross.

A close second for sukebes, but a first for the rest of you normal people, is the Japanese sports car. With time and a whole lot of engineering, Japanese manufacturers grew from their humble roots as an alternative to high priced European makes and models and transcended Coach bag status to become the benchmark in automotive technologies and trends. What the Japanese did to erotic films pales in comparison to what they did to the four-wheeled form. So before you pervs think about pointing your browser to god-knows-where on the Internet, thanks to all of our hentai allegories, peep this list of the 50 Greatest Japanese Sports Cars in Japanese History. Your (overworked) pop-up blocker will thank you for it.

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