Okay, so he's not cashing eight-figure checks from the house that Phil Knight built anymore or speaking on behalf of Coca-Cola, Kraft, Rawlings, AirTran or any of the other companies that helped keep his illegal dogfighting operation up and running pockets fat at the beginning of his career. But Michael Vick is about to catch a nice little payday thanks to a two-year endorsement deal he just inked with football equipment provider Unequal Technologies—the first paid endorsement deal he's signed since returning to the NFL in 2009 (he only received the use of a car, not payment, for the endorsement he did for a Nissan dealership in New Jersey back in December). And while we're not exactly gonna run out and drop our beer money on football pads just because Vick is putting his name behind them, we will raise a toast to the guy for taking one more step towards fully resurrecting his career. Right after he pays for the next round now that he's gettin' paid again. Yo, Mike: Salute! [via ESPN]

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