Lotus has never, not been stylish. When some of your best clientele have included Steve McQueen and (fictitiously) James Bond, you don’t need anyone to confirm that your swagger’s on point. And though opportunities to own one of its classic roadsters are few and far between, its new brand, Lotus Originals, will at least make the lifestyle a bit more attainable.

The line, which will include some rather stunning leather jackets, blazers, and even, for some reason, backgammon sets, will launch exclusively at www.lotusoriginals.com on February 23rd, in conjunction with London Fashion Week.

"Our goal with the Lotus Originals concept was to create a range of apparel and accessories that really capture the true spirit of our iconic British brand," states Wiebke Bauer of Lotus. "Lotus Originals isn't just for traditional car enthusiasts, on some of the pieces the branding is very subtle allowing the style and quality to shine, so we hope that it will appeal to a much broader audience. We have developed a collection that is luxurious in a classic, understated way so it is easy to wear every day yet still make you feel part of our very special brand."

Feeling regal and nostalgic? Hit the site up next month and bring some classic, automotive-inspired style to your closet. As for your garage, sorry—you’re on your own.

Source: Lotus via Luxist

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